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The company has been established for over 25 years and offers landlords a personal service which can be tailored to individual needs.

Are You Considering Renting Property?

If you are thinking about renting out a property which you own, we would be pleased to hear from you in order that we may initially make arrangements to visit and inspect the property to be let. We offer free professional advice to landlords with regard to all aspects of the proposed arrangement, some of which have been detailed below for information purposes. We will discuss the suggested and achievable rental levels with you when we meet. The location of the property, condition and size as well as the standard of the fittings are all factors which will be considered in assessing the rental value.

Properties are usually let either unfurnished or partly furnished and the rent is exclusive of all outgoings, except in the case of New Ash Green where the landlord/s retain/s responsibility for the payment of the Village Association and Residents fees.

Tenancies are set up on an Assured Shorthold basis for an initial fixed term of 6 months. Thereafter, subject to both parties being happy with the way that the tenancy is operating, a further 6 or maybe 12 month tenancy can be offered or the existing tenancy can be extended.

Should you wish to consider letting a property on a furnished basis, it is important to appreciate that ALL furnishings must conform to current Fire Safety Regulations. The standard of the furnishings will usually dictate the level of rent achievable and the speed at which the property could be rented.

Safety Regulations

Gas Safety – Landlords are required to supply a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate for all mains or bottled gas appliances supplied by them within the rental property. The certificate, which is valid for a period of 12 months, must be issued by a GAS SAFE registered engineer and be in place before a tenant moves in. There are penalties for non compliance, and overdue/late renewals.

Electrical Safety – The Landlord must ensure that all electrical appliances at the property, belonging to the Landlord are safe for use. Whilst not currently obligatory, as Agents, we recommend that our landlords obtain a Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate on their property. This will ensure that the property is brought up to the latest safety specifications and give peace of mind to both landlord and tenant. Additionally, if any moveable appliances are being left at the property, it is the Landlords responsibility to ensure that they are safe to use when the property is let. Plugs and Socket regulations apply.

Energy Performance Certificate – Introduced in October 2008,and required for all property to be marketed for rental. They are prepared by home energy assessors and will enable a potential tenant to see the current energy rating of the property.

Smoke Detectors – The law requires that all properties built since 1992 or those classed as Houses in Multiple Occupancy must have electronically linked, mains operated smoke detectors on each floor. Whilst older properties are exempt from this specific alarm system, a battery operated detector must be installed on each floor in all rental properties.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – It is now appropriate and very strongly recommended that a carbon monoxide detector is installed adjacent to any gas boiler or gas hob where fitted. It is essential that a detector is installed adjacent to any solid fuel burning appliance.

Legionella Risk Assessment – Under recently revised guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, it is strongly advised to carry out a risk assessment of all property for Legionella.


Upon completion of a satisfactory viewing, an interested tenant will be required to complete our referencing process. All individuals over the age of 18 will be checked. Referencing includes proof of identification and address, bank and employer referencing and a credit check. A previous landlord will also be contacted if relevant.

Our main aim is to find you the right tenant for your property, as soon as realistically possible. If there are any doubts or concerns raised during the referencing period, we will either decide not to progress the tenancy or will revert to you for a final decision on suitability.

It may also be necessary to take a guarantor to back up the tenants ability to meet their commitments to you. Similar referencing to that for the tenant will be completed for the guarantor who will be included as a party to the Tenancy Agreement.


We offer different levels of service to cater for everyone from the experienced Landlord who only requires tenant sourcing and referencing, through to the Landlord who prefers to have no day to day involvement with the rental property and requires us to deal with all issues on his behalf

1.1 Our Tenant Find Service

The Agent will arrange to provide a guide on the rental price of the Property, usually by visiting.
The Agent will promote the Property in appropriate ways to find a suitable tenant for the Property.
The Agent will arrange for the legally required checking and paperwork for the Property. This may include a gas safety record, an energy performance certificate, mains electrical testing, portable appliance testing and a legionella risk assessment. All costs will be borne by the Landlord, even if the Property is not actually let through the Agent.
The Agent will arrange viewings with prospective tenants either using the keys supplied by the Landlord or in co-ordination with the current occupier. All viewings will be accompanied by the Agent unless agreed otherwise.
Once a prospective tenant is found who is interested in the Property, they will be asked to complete an application form giving information about themselves.
The Agent will then take references appropriate to the circumstances of the prospective tenant. This may be done by the Agent or may be outsourced to a referencing company as the Agent thinks fit.
The Agent agrees under Part 3 Chapter 1 of the Immigration Act 2014 to be the person responsible for checking the immigration status of all applicants, as appropriate, before the initial move in. For Tenant Find Service landlords the Landlord will be responsible for any further work needed under the Immigration Act.
On receipt of references the Agent will set up the necessary paperwork to let the property on an appropriate tenancy or licence.
The Agent will, if appropriate, arrange for the initial production and subsequent agreement of an inventory and schedule of condition of the property at the move in. An additional fee is payable for this service.
The Agent will sign up the Tenant and collect any money due, giving the Tenant copies of appropriate paperwork.
If a deposit has been collected and requires protecting under the Housing Act 2004 rules then you will either need to have a custodial scheme account of your own for us to transfer the deposit money into or you will have to purchase protection with an insured scheme and we will only send you the deposit once you have sent evidence of that protection. If we do not get evidence with 10 days, we will protect the deposit in the custodial scheme to protect you. We will not, however, have any involvement in the agreement about the refund of the deposit or any disputes at the end of the tenancy.
For Tenant Find Service landlords, the Agent will then send the Landlord the funds, less expenses, and the paperwork. This element does not apply to the following levels of service.
Please note, under this service only: It is the responsibility of the Landlord to take all meter readings and advise all relevant bodies of the change of responsibility for the payment of ongoing bills

1.2 Our Letting and Rent Collection Service

In addition to the Tenant Find Service items:

The Agent will use its best endeavours at all times to collect rents or others charges due from the Tenant and provide monthly accounts to the Landlord. However, the Agent will not be liable for the amount of any arrears nor for any legal or other costs incurred by the Agent or the Landlord or any other party in respect of the recovery of such arrears.
The Agent agrees that for the Letting and Rent Collection Service the Agent will accept responsibility for the ongoing Immigration Act checks that may be needed during the Term of the tenancy.
If the Landlord lives overseas, the Agent must account to HM Revenue and Customs for the rental received and this can include deducting basic rate income tax. To avoid this, the Landlord must apply to HM Revenue and Customs for approval for gross rents to be paid. If such approval is not obtained, an extra 1% will be charged on the normal commission to cover the cost of the extra work involved.
Whilst the tenancy is operated on a fixed term (as opposed to a periodic basis) the Agent will make an inspection visit prior to the tenancy renewal date and send a report to the Landlord. Such visits and reports can only be regarded as a general oversight of the property and its care by the Tenant. The Agent does not accept responsibility for actual variance between the report and the items reported upon. Please refer to Scale of Charges for visits under a tenancy operated on a periodic basis or if interim visits are required.
Please note, under the Letting and Rent Collection Service, it is the responsibility of the Landlord to arrange and supply the Agent with a copy of the required annual Gas Safety Certificate by the due date, on an annual basis.

1.3 Full Management Service

In addition to the Letting and Rent Collection Service items:

The Agent will use its best endeavours to arrange minor repairs, general maintenance and replacements to the property without necessarily consulting the Landlord beforehand up to the limit agreed in writing upon giving instruction, (or up to the value of one month’s rent where no figure has been specifically agreed). The Agent will not be responsible for damage or loss incurred to the Property or the Landlord in the event of repairs, general maintenance or replacements not being carried out.
The Agent will liaise with the Tenant on all day to day matters arising.
The Agent will use its best endeavours to recover possession of the Property in accordance with instructions received but cannot be liable for any delays, damages or costs incurred because such vacant possession is not achieved within the time scale requested. It will be the responsibility of the Landlord to instruct solicitors with whom the Agent will liaise. The Agent will not be liable for any legal or other costs incurred in any action against current or previous tenants undertaken on the Landlord’s instructions.

1.4 All levels of service

The Landlord will be responsible for the arrangement and valid continuance of adequate buildings and contents insurance on the Property unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing with the Agent. Furthermore, the Landlord will particularly inform the Agent in writing of any action that needs to be taken to ensure continuance of insurance either for renewal or because the Property is vacant.
The Agent should be informed immediately of any substantial change affecting the Property and/or the Agent’s management of it. The Landlord accepts that the Agent can best carry out their management function if they are aware of possible problems arising.
The Landlord agrees to indemnify the Agent for (refund to the Agent) all reasonable costs incurred in connection with the management of the Property including the cost of complying with any existing or future legislation affecting the letting of the Property and the cost of repairing and removing and replacing any dangerous and/or defective equipment and/or furnishings with safe and compliant equipment and/or furnishings.


1) Tenant Find Service

90% incl VAT (currently @ 20%) of the monthly rent achieved payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced through the Agent. (Equivalent to 75% plus VAT)

e.g. If monthly rental was £1,000.00 you will pay a fee of £900.00 inclusive of VAT

2) Letting and Rent Collection Service

12% incl VAT (currently @ 20%) of the monthly rent received, deducted by the Agent. (Equivalent to 10% plus VAT)

e.g. If monthly rental was £1,000.00 you will pay a monthly fee of £120.00 inclusive of VAT

3) Full Management Service

15% incl VAT (currently @ 20%) of the monthly rent received, deducted by the Agent. (Equivalent to 12.5% plus VAT)

e.g. If monthly rental was £1,000.00 you will pay a monthly fee of £150.00 inclusive of VAT

The fees under the above service are payable when any individual or organisation enters into an agreement to rent the Property as a result of our promotion, introduction, or viewing by the Agent.

Additional Charges – New Tenancy

Credit Check, New Tenancies £ 12 (incl. VAT)

New Tenancy Admin Fee £ 90 (incl. VAT)

First Inventory Service From £300 (incl. VAT). Quotation available after viewing

Specimen Inventory £ 36 (incl.VAT).To assist Landlords wishing to prepare their own Inventory

Additional Charges During or at end of a Tenancy

Tenancy Renewal fee £ 90 (incl. VAT). Includes the cost of the pre renewal inspection visit if a fixed term tenancy is in place

Inspection and Report Back £ 54 (incl. VAT). This service may be appropriate for Those with tenants operating under periodic tenancies or where additional interim inspections are


Check Out Tenant £ 60 (incl. VAT). Service is only available if Agent has prepared the original Inventory

Inventory Updates From £ 24 (incl. VAT). Based on actual time spent

Void Property Inspections £ 18 (incl.VAT) per visit. To comply with Insurance policy requirements.

Duplicate Statements £ 12 (incl. VAT)

Preparation of Claims From £120 (incl.VAT). To complete and arrange witnessing of a claim against the deposit (where disputed or ignored by tenant). Solicitors fees are additional

Major Works Fee £ 36 (incl. VAT) Hourly rate charged to cover time spent. Any travel expenses are in addition

Professional Hourly Rate £ 60 (incl. VAT). Charged by the Agent when required to carry out any additional services (not separately listed)

Minimum Fees

Where the Landlord cancels the Agent’s instruction to provide a letting and rent collection service or full management service the Agent will charge and the Landlord will pay a fee of £600.00 incl. VAT, plus other costs incurred, including a reasonable fee for the time that management has been provided, unless a minimum term of 6 months has already expired and 3 months’ notice in writing of the intention to terminate the management service have been provided.

N.B. VAT is payable at the prevailing rate on all our fees – currently set at 20%.

In accordance with consumer legislation it is quoted as included in the prices stated above.



– New Ash Green Letting Company Limited are licensed with The National Approved Letting Scheme – NALS.

Licence No. A5285 and are part of a Client Money Protection Scheme.

All licensed firms are required to meet set operational standards giving you peace of mind and the reassurance of a professional, regulated service.

Further information can be provided either from our agency or the National Approved Letting Scheme website


– New Ash Green Letting Company Limited are members of The Property Ombudsman Redress Scheme. Further details can be found at

We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and our competitive pricing structure when we make our initial visit.

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